About this website

This website is an attempt to list every newspaper ever published in New Zealand. It is a work in progress.


The data in this website is based on a subset of the New Zealand National Bibliography. It has been tidied up and annotated with references to online sources when possible (both manually and automatically).

The newspaper records are being updated over time, and links to digital holdings added.


Our definition of newspapers includes serial publications that are published in New Zealand for a general audience, and takes into account their frequency, appearance, and content.


Our goals are to:

  1. List of all the newspaper ever published in New Zealand.
  2. Annotate each newspaper with dates of publication, frequency, place, relationships to other titles, and other bibliographic information.
  3. Identify digitised holdings, particularly in Papers Past.
  4. Estimate the extent to which New Zealand newspapers have been digitised.
  5. Identify newspapers that have not been digitised for possible inclusion in Papers Past.
  6. Publish a New Zealand newspaper dataset of sufficient quality to support researchers and historians.

Help wanted

If you'd like to help clean up the data, email nznewspapers@paynter.info with your contact details. You will need some understanding of how newspapers work, a Google Account, and a tolerance for ugly websites.

At some point I'll also want help making this website look a little better.


The base data was from the Publications New Zealand Metadata Dataset created by the National Library of New Zealand and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence.

The most recent refresh of the PublicationsNZ data was in March 2013.

While the PublicationsNZ data is quite comprehensive, there are some omissions, inconsistencies, and even mistakes. These are tidied up as they are discovered.

Generally, the data for older records (pre-1950) is pretty good, but some more recent records (particularly for free community newspapers) can be patchy.

This website is based in part on the Publications New Zealand Metadata Dataset.
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